Yo, let me tell you ‘bout the law yo
Check bounce, it’s a legal flaw, yo
Legal action with consequences, yo
Don’t mess around, or you’ll be in trouble, fo’ sho’

Verbal agreements, are they legal in Canada, man?
Legal expert advice, that’s the plan
PDA laws in Pakistan, understanding privacy, yo
Data protection, that’s how it go

Law exam in India, tips and study materials, yo
Strategies to pass, take it slow
How to get a business license in Las Vegas, yo
Complete guide, now you know

Bow laws in Ontario, regulations and restrictions, yo
Explained here, so don’t be a no-show
Starting a business, what forms do you need, man?
Complete guide, follow the plan

Pavese Law Firm in Fort Myers, legal services, yo
Expert services, that’s how they flow
Is art tax deductible in Australia, legal guidelines, yo
Legal savings, take it slow

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